2017 Spring Summer Fashion Trends

2017 Spring Summer Fashion Trends

Trends are like seasonal food, you may be the type of person that seeks them out even when everyone else isn’t eating them, you may try some when your local grocery store is offering a special or you may not think about them at all. Whatever your approach, I think it is probably a good idea to know what is out there so you can decide what to do with them.


I am happy to announce that flatforms, sneakers and block heels are alive and well. We have also added kitten heels to that list. Basically all the types of shoes we have been wishing for years would be trendy. I say go for whatever style you are attracted to, just be aware that smaller bone structures are balanced with a smaller or more delicate shoe, while a larger bone structure can handle a larger or heavier shoe.


I didn’t think culottes would have the staying power that they have! But alas, they are here to stay (at least for this year). If you are petite make sure the length of them hits just below the calf or add heels to visually elongate the leg. I would also recommend a higher waist so you can lengthen your lower half.

ASOS block kitten heel, bell sleeves, culottes, off the shoulder


Bell sleeved arms, tie up tops and off the shoulder are all everywhere right now. If you want to balance out your hips and all three of these are great. As for patterns stripes, to my delight, are showing up on every type of clothing. Banker stripes, multicoloured stripes, big stripes, small stripes , shrimp gumbo, shrimp cocktail, shrimp… You get the picture 😉

So that is just a little taste. Don’t feel pressured to buy any of it. And if you do want to buy it, ask yourself this first “if it wasn’t an official SS/17 trend, would I still want it?”