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Marta, Royal Treatment Client:

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my new wardrobe! I'm continuously getting compliments from friends on my style since our last trip. Thank you so much for all your help.

Every morning when I get dressed, I feel great about myself and am able to put my best foot forward. I hope that there will be an opportunity to go on another shopping trip with your sometime in the near future.

Cathy, Royal Treatment Client:

Thank you for a great appointment yesterday. I tested the waters with the tools you gave me yesterday, and I have to say , today was one of my most rewarding shopping experiences yet. I was able to quickly cast off things that did not fit the parameters you gave me, and the one tid bit i remembered best, is if an item does not have the wow/must have effect, put it down. So, I successfully walked away with 1 item, instead of my usual 3-5 items. Thanks!

Amalia, Royal Treatment Client:

Thank you again so much, I had fun and I am looking forward to shopping in the future for the first time in years.

Laura, Royal Treatment Client:

Amazing! That is the only word I can think of to describe how much you helped me...My closet Cleanse was more like a full on life cleanse! Thank you, thank you!

Kim, Closet Cleanse Client:

Getting dressed is so much easier and more enjoyable now that you've taught me some basic guidelines. Shopping takes a fraction of the time, since I can eyeball exactly what will look good on me (and what won't!) from across the room. It's also a huge self-esteem boost to find clothing and accessories that highlight your best features!

Stephanie (Royal Treatment Client) in response to Your Shop Girl shopping for her friend:

She said that every new store was like Xmas... ``Ooh I wonder what's going to be here?!``
She was soo impressed that you totally got her style and that she loves everything she got!...
Yet another superstar Suzanne moment!

Deborah, Fit for a Queen Package:

It was great shopping with you last weekend. As always, thank you. 🙂 p.s. Can't wait to go shopping with you for fall/winter 🙂