Women - Your Shop Girl - Toronto's Style & Image Consulting Queen
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Have you ever opened your overflowing closet only to discover that you have nothing to wear?


Then, in an effort to refresh your wardrobe, you head to the mall only to be frustrated by the fact that whenever you have money to buy something you can never find it. When you eventually settle on an outfit you annoyingly discover that it was made for the smug looking mannequin in the window.


Sound Familiar?


Then meet your fairy godmother. Your Shop Girl will help you reach your potential, so you will never leave the house looking less than your very best.

Select the Crown that Best Fits You

Virtual Packages

Need some style help, but don’t have the time to meet? No, problem. That’s why the internet was created.

Special $95-195

Royal Treatment

Looking to cleanse your closet of the pieces you never wear (but somehow can’t part with)? Then this is the package for you.


Fit for a Queen

This is the perfect package for women who don’t consider themselves “shoppers” or just want a real, expert opinion on what to buy.


Royal Education

If you wan’t the tools and tricks to learn how to shop smarter and more efficiently, then this is for you.


Changing Client’s Lives One Style at a Time