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Royal Treatment


Closet Cleanse Experience

Lots of clothes but nothing to wear? We’ve got you covered!

How can you know what pieces to buy if you don’t even know what you have hanging in your closet? Based on your style, body type and colouring we go through your closet piece by piece, discussing what to keep and what to get rid of. No drawer is left unscathed! Clothes are divided into piles to keep, donate, replace and sell. Once we have our pile of clothes to keep, we create new outfits and go over what pieces you will need to help complete your wardrobe. Items are then organized and placed back in your closet to help make getting dressed fast, simple and fun. Need references? No problem! We can snap pictures as well.




  • Initial phone consultation – Allows us to discuss your style goals
  • Colour Analysis – to help you discover the colours that work best for you
  • 3 hours of Personalized Shopping – let me shop for you
  • 4 hour Closet Cleanse – Why not shop in your own closet before adding anymore pieces to it?
  • Style Profile – A 30 page custom summary of all the tips and tricks we go through during our time together
  • 7 day Personal Stylist  – 7 days of style advise after our session to keep you accountable
  • Fairy Godmother – Style answers with all the necessary pictures and links, to your top 10 hard to find pieces or style questions

How does it work?

Colour Analysis

Learning what colours work best on you allows you to look more put together, shop smarter and create a wardrobe that multitasks effortlessly. A full colour analysis will give you the tools to walk into any store and immediately hone in on the colours that work for you, and those you should avoid. You’ll even be able to confidently choose natural looking hair colours and make up. The colour analysis starts with a brief education on colour and an overview of the 4 main colour seasons. We’ll establish your undertone, and find all the colours that flatter your skin-tones using large pieces of fabric in a variety colours and tones. You’ll immediately see the difference between colours that are just “okay”, your season’s “wow” colours and colours to stay away from. After the analysis, you’ll receive a swatch of your preferred colours that you can use to edit your own closet, and take with you on future shopping endeavors.

Personalized Shopping

Shopping can be a daunting experience if you don’t know where to shop, how to shop or even what to look for. Once we have established your ideal style based on your needs, budget, personality and lifestyle, Your Shop Girl will visit stores and choose items that will perfect your style. We will put them on hold so they are waiting for you when we start our shopping session. We’ll go to each store to try on the pieces Your Shop Girl has pulled for you and discuss what works, what doesn’t and why. This experience is completely customized for you and your budget. You can choose what location you would like to shop in and if you’d prefer to shop in malls, outlets or boutiques.

Closet Cleanse

We only wear 20% of our wardrobe – so what do we do with the other 80%? A closet cleanse is a perfect way to find out how to avoid expensive mistakes that end up hanging in your closet. We go through your w piece by piece and discuss what to keep, what to donate and what to sell. Once we have our pile of keepers we create new outfits with the pieces you already own and discuss what pieces you still need to buy to complete your new, refined wardrobe.

Style Profile

Don’t worry about trying to remember all the information we discuss during our session. Your Shop Girl will send you a summary of all the tips and tricks to help you shop like a pro.