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5 Steps to Finding the Right Tailor

5 Steps to Finding the Right Tailor

Having a good tailor is like having a professional chef touch up your meals. Sure your food may taste fine, but why settle for fine when it can be great!

There are very few items that we buy that couldn’t benefit from a little bit of tailoring. Whether it is bringing a top up a few inches to lengthen our legs (I recommend showing part of your zipper as a guide) or taking in the waist of our pants so our belt isn’t literally holding them up.

So, how do you find a great tailor?

    1. Ask friends if they have one. I know it seems obvious, but it isn’t something we usually discuss and I have found that some of my clients have amazing recommendations that I was able to use.
    2.  Start simple. Try taking a pair of pants or a shirt in for a hem rather than starting with a leather jacket that needs to be completely rebuilt.
    3. Ask them to see other pieces they have worked on. They should be more than happy to show you their work.
    4.  Ask if they do bridal or custom pieces. This generally means that they have more experience.

5. Put on the clothing you want to have altered and ask them what they would do to the piece. If they are a good tailor they will know what needs to be done instantly.

If you live in Toronto, I recommend Tailoress on Roncesvalles. They are incredible. And, to make the trip even better, the owner opened up an amazing bakery right beside them. Two birds, one stone.

Your Style Queen,


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