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A Holiday Challenge for You: A NEW New Year’s Outfit

A Holiday Challenge for You: A NEW New Year’s Outfit

I was talking with my colourist about how busy December is for them and it made me think about how crazy it is that we care more about what we look like during the holidays than we do the rest of the year. We buy special outfits that we only wear a handful of times, make sure our hair is done and throw on a smidgen more makeup than we would on any other Saturday.

But what if we took that same amount of effort on any given weekend? Or any other weekday?

Why does it have to be a special occasion for us to take a few extra minutes for ourselves?

So, this holiday season my challenges to you are:

  1. to buy an outfit this holiday season that you will wear throughout the year
  2. to ask your hairdresser how she styled your hair so you can replicate it yourself
  3. to buy a lipstick or lipgloss in a bolder colour than you normally wear

Send me an email at or message me on FB or Instagram and let me know how it goes!

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