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Before my experience with Laura at Your Shop Girl I really dreaded getting dressed for anything because I’m self-conscious about my body and was very particular about what looked good or felt right. My struggles with shopping came in two forms: (1) I loved everything I saw (2) on the flip side, I didn’t know what colours, cuts and lengths actually flattered my body shape and colouring. I was always struggling to determine what pieces worked well together while being really honest with myself about how an outfit truly made me feel. I have come to a level of acceptance related to my body shape & age and, after learning about Your Shop Girl services from a friend, I decided to invest in real-life education that was customized for me, my body and my life. My Shopping 101 session with Laura literally changed my life. I am now more confident in my clothes, which means I am not constantly fidgeting or adjusting my pants or tops – I learned the right cut and fit so I am not as self-conscious about what I am wearing. Since my appointment with Laura I have started to truly believe that I can and deserve to wear certain colours and pieces. I do not have to hide behind all-black clothes anymore – I can embrace colour and still feel confident in my clothes.

Never in a million years would I believe I’d be wearing leopard print or orange! Your Shop Girl is not simply ‘getting your colours done’ or ‘you’re an A shape or pear shape’ session. It is a much richer and deeper experience than that. The result is simple: a beautiful and liberating step towards a more authentic ‘you’. It will make you feel empowered, confident, authentic, liberated and more comfortable in your own skin.

Carolyn W.

Suzanne is truly remarkable in her ability to find clothes that fit perfectly and not only look great but also make me feel great. All of my interactions with her have left me feeling optimistic and excited about my style which is saying something since I detest shopping. I now trust Suzanne’s opinions and judgment so much that I consult her before purchasing clothes for any significant event in my life (e.g. brother’s wedding, headshots for work). Often times the first thing I try on at her recommendation is the item I love and purchase. On top of these amazing skills is the bonus that Suzanne is one of those people that you instantly like and feel at ease with. She is a pleasure to work with and highly recommend her for all of your personal style needs (and I already have to family and friends!)

Kara, Scientist at Toronto Rehab

My mom, sister and I had the best day with Jannah! She educated us on our body shapes, best colours, tips and style tricks, capsule wardrobe and so much more. Everything was super easy to implement and we found this made shopping easier and more enjoyable. Jannah is so easy to spend time with we wanted more!

She’s so knowledgeable and her approach is perfect. We have recommended her to a lot of friends and family. Thank you Jannah!


Ashley G.

Before meeting with Laura, I felt very confused about what looked good on me and was just really unstylish. I struggled with knowing what to buy to suit my body type and my style. After purchasing a session for my daughter, who had an amazing experience with Laura, I knew I wanted to treat myself to the same thing. I learned that you really need to love your clothes and the way they make you feel. That you should always shop with a list, and don’t buy things just because they’re on sale. Getting dressed is now so much easier for me. For work, I’m clear on what I want to wear and why; for casual, I know how to put together an outfit that I’m comfortable and feel great about. I would definitely recommend Laura to anyone thinking about investing in themselves this way. Getting information from someone who not only understands fashion but also understands your style and preferences makes a huge difference in your ability to shop and dress for any occasion. The experience was amazing as there is no judgement or negative feelings or comments at all – only light, fun, and exciting information and shopping with someone who really knows what they are doing.

Joanne S. 

I was invited to hear Suzanne speak on her Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Style. I was pleased that her style presentation was timeless. Her tips left ample room one’s own fashion sense and body type and her tips are applicable to any occasion. Suzanne included great advice on budget, not overspending and practical guidelines for buying (and when not to buy). I left the presentation feeling inspired to put more effort into pulling together outfits that make me feel confident and happy.

Lisa, Principal at CAVEA Studio

I really detest shopping and always have felt like a “deer in the headlights” in stores or worse malls. Suzanne’s systematic approach has been therapy for me. She helped me determine a colour palette, a style guide and then combined the two to develop an approach for tackling a store on my own. I still love going shopping with her. Within 2 hours, I can efficiently sort out a whole season worth of clothes on which I’m forever getting compliments. I feel like I’m saving time AND money by buying fewer, but “more me” clothes. Suzanne is careful to avoid brands that don’t fit within my budget. She is always open to follow up guidance and advice in between shopping sessions. I would really recommend her to any and all of the “non-shoppers” out there!

Cynthia, Independent Consultant

With a quick questionnaire and a simple activity done on my own time in advance of our shopping trip, Suzanne helped me redefine my style and determine what would best flatter my shape. Not only did she quickly and confidently guide me through stores and clothing racks, she refused to let me settle for anything that made me feel less than fantastic.

I accomplished more in several hours of shopping than I had in years – money VERY well spent. At the end of our time together, I felt empowered, rather than frustrated. I came away with a new self-awareness and a set of skills that I have subsequently used on my own. I highly recommend Suzanne at a personal shopper and image consultant!

Kim, GM at (a really fantastic) Restaurant

The first time I saw Suzanne, she was presenting at a conference about the Do’s and Don’ts of fashion. It was amazing to see how she engaged the audience with her fun, energetic presentation style. Since then, Suzanne has helped me change my entire wardrobe. She has helped me with my shirts, ties, shoes, jeans and everything else. It has changed my life! I receive compliments about my wardrobe all the time, and it is all because of Suzanne!

Steve, CIO in Private Equity

If you’re feeling stuck or bored or in transition with your wardrobe, I highly recommend talking to Suzanne! She is so down to earth, knowledgeable, thorough, supportive, and respectful of individual style. She gave fantastic tips on dressing to feel great, creating a capsule wardrobe, and better using pieces you already have. The closet cleanse was a fantastic experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Suzanne to others!

Emma, Greens at Home Owner

During a hectic move from Toronto to Dubai, Suzanne made it that little bit easier, by quickly and simply sorting out my wardrobe for me. She anticipated exactly what I needed for the office and out and about in town and in 3 hours together we were done. After a quick coffee, with clothes already set aside at a number of shops, there was no stress, no hassle, just good advice, a bit of learning for me and some choice pieces. Not one purchase has been left at the back of the closet. My thanks for a great afternoon, the saved time and a new wardrobe that has stood up to a hot summer in the Middle East.

Nicholas, Social Risk Adviser

Suzanne helped me develop a capsule wardrobe MY way, after returning to work after almost a decade as a SAHM. Everything she helped me pick fit perfectly, and looked amazing on me! I didn’t know shopping could be this way. Suzanne really listened to me, never pressured or up-sold me, in fact, her advice was very practical and economical. The education and confidence she gave me will help me so much in the future. Money well spent.

Deborah, Owner at Drole house

I like to think I know how to dress myself, especially at this age 🙂 And I have always LOVED fashion and style..so when I met with Suzanne, i was sure she would put me in certain looks..I was FLOORED by her new insights into how I really could and SHOULD be dressing to flatter my profession, goals and my body…she even described me as an “hour-glass” figure, which I had never thought about before, and secretly made-my-day 🙂 ..her suggestions and comments to me at that session were part of the reason I have such beautiful photos..every single piece of beautiful, tailored and reasonably-priced clothing she picked for me I have now worn tens of times. I am amazed at how I constantly go back to the pieces she chose, because she really sees in you how you can look your absolute, optimal Self. It has changed the way I dress…permanently and for the better..It also turns out she is a lovely, funny and intelligent person. You cannot go wrong with using Your Shop Girl!

Nishta, Registered Dietitian

My closet was nearly empty after a few years of parenting young kids when all my outfits seemed to get exhausted at once. A friend recommended Your Shop Girl to help me rebuild my wardrobe and I am over the moon that I did! With Jannah’s tips, tools, and education, now I really understand WHY certain styles and colours work for me and exactly what ‘clothing capsules’ are and how to create them. I don’t consider fashion to be my creative passion or even a priority and yet, with Your Shop Girl’s help, I feel SO much more excited and empowered about this part of my life. Jannah went above and beyond my expectations and I can’t wait to keep working together. If you want to uplevel your closet, have more clothes that really work for you – or make shopping easier and more fun in your life, I cannot recommend Your Shop Girl highly enough. Don’t think twice: book them now!

Nicola, Life Coach

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