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Find Your Style, Step 3: Go Shopping

Find Your Style, Step 3: Go Shopping

Have you ever walked into a Winners or department store and come out with pieces that don’t go with anything you own? Or, maybe you bought the outfit off of the mannequin. Whatever the mistake was, it was probably a result of you entering the store without a plan or a list. Next time you go shopping, try taking a picture from your Pinterest board and copying it. Don’t worry about it being the same colour or the exact same piece, we just want it to feel the same. For example, your picture is of a women in a navy blazer, light pink belt, ivory blouse and dark skinny jeans. You don’t like skinny jeans and you would never wear pink; so instead you replace the belt with a camel colour and bring your straight jeans from home. If you have’t cooked an apple pie before, I suggest following the recipe the first time. Think of the outfit as your apple pie and the Pinterest as your recipe.

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