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How To Shop For Clothes You’ll Actually Wear

How To Shop For Clothes You’ll Actually Wear

I live in a teeny house in the Upper beaches in Toronto with a wee doll closet, but I manage to fit all of the clothes I need in there. Older homes always have smaller closets because the generations before us had smaller wardrobes. They also had smarter wardrobes. Have you ever been to Europe? Or watched House Hunters International? (I recommend doing both many times in your life.) You will notice that all of their closets are small. The reason? They are not afraid to wear the same pieces over and over again. And they shouldn’t be, because the clothes they have are amazing, and beautifully made. Think about wearing 100 per cent of your wardrobe. Feels pretty good doesn’t it?

Here are my top three proven tips for having a wardrobe that actually multi-tasks:

  1. How to shop for clothes you'll actually wearBuy within the same colour story
    This doesn’t mean that you can only buy black white and grey. This simply means that you are going to become acutely aware of undertones and your best neutrals. I am a huge supporter of having your colours done; however, even if you aren’t interested in knowing your wow colours, you can still buy within whatever season you resonate with.
  2. Buy clothes that suit your ideal style
    If you aren’t sure of your ideal style then this is where you start. Define your style, then describe your style. Once you know what your ideal style looks like you can make sure that your closet is consistent with that image. Need help finding a style that suits you? It’s what I do!
  3. Only buy clothes that work with at least three other pieces in your wardrobe
    This step will require that you know your wardrobe. So, before you can ensure that each piece you bring home works with the clothing you already own, you have to know what you own. Go through your closet, try everything on and, while you’re at it, get rid of clothes that don’t fit or that you don’t like anymore.

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