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If You Like These North American Stores Then You May Like These UK Stores

If You Like These North American Stores Then You May Like These UK Stores

In the past we’ve talked about finding local boutiques that resemble your favourite store in the mall. And now I’m back with a series I’m now calling “If you like this then you’ll love that”. On today’s agenda: UK retailers that resemble your favourite North American store.


You already know your go-to stores to shop—let’s extend it a bit! The more retailers in your repertoire the more efficient and fulfilling your shopping can be. If anything, it’s a way to further evoke inspiration for your own style.


So with that in mind, let’s dive right in!


If you like DVF—then try Kitri

Kitri and Diane Von Furstenburg are both in keeping with bold prints and feminine designs. They love releasing clothing with distinctive patterns all the while adoring a good ruffle and a classic line. If you’re in need of a quality dress in your wardrobe you’ve especially got to check out Kitri.





If you like Ann Taylor—then try Boden

Ann Taylor and Boden have a likeness for creating pieces that are sophisticated, realistic, and fashion forward. Ann Taylor’s feminine classics take on a more British approach in Boden. As you can see from the photo, they also like playing with a teensy bit more colour and pattern.


Ann Taylor

If you like Vince—then try Me + Em

Vince and Me + Em both aim to create clothing that continuously looks tailored and flattering. That “ready to wear” concept combined with modern luxury means that you’ll be adding long lasting pieces to your wardrobe. Me + Em will steer you in all the right directions for easy-to-wear pieces.



If you like Dex—then try Next

With prices like Dex and Next it’s easy to find those trendy and affordable pieces. While Dex centers in on trend setting luxury for women, Next has a larger assortment of clothing for all ages and genders.  They even have an affordable beauty line!



If you like Hugo Boss—then try Goat Fashion

If you love Hugo Boss for its easy to wear and classic clothing, then you’ll equally love Goat Fashion. Both these brands are great because of their classic silhouettes and colours. Goat fashion is about pieces you can invest in; great cut and fit that’s both understated and luxurious.


Hugo Boss

If you like Ted Baker—then try Hush

It’s time to talk about quirky. If you love Ted Baker you know it’s all about having fun, quirky details in your clothing. Hush doesn’t stray far from the same kind of message. They love clothing with character. Hush is all about the girl that wants style without giving up comfort. All the while they still incorporate fun details, like this leopard print cherry top, that make you smile.


Ted Baker

Like Brooks Brothers? Checkout Jaeger

Both these brands started in the 1800’s, so they’ve been around the fashion block. If you love the smart daywear of Brooks Brothers, Jaeger is an easy transition.  This British company lives for impeccable tailoring, strong patterns, and luxurious materials. It’s a brand you can always rely on for timeless, classic pieces.


Brooks Brothers


There you have it! If you’re wondering about other North American brands that may have a UK cousin, email me at or find me on Instagram @your_shop_girl. Happy shopping friends!



Suzanne Colmer (and our new and amazing YSG concierge Kailee Kilburn)

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