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No One is Looking at Your [insert body part here]

No One is Looking at Your [insert body part here]

No one is looking at your                          (insert any body part here). 


You worry about your tummy, or your arms, your knees, your ankles, your cleavage, your thighs, your boobs, your wrists… You put on clothes, stand inches away from the mirror while you stare directly at that specific body part, totally disregarding the rest. You want to know a secret? No one else is staring at                    


No one. 


Unless you are fidgeting with said area or accenting it with a big bow, no one cares about your                        . They see the forest, you see that one tree. And for some strange reason you think that tree isn’t as good as someone else’s tree in someone else’s forest. Or because that tree changed it doesn’t deserve the same respect that it did before. 


YOU decided that that part of your body isn’t good enough. 


That is just not true.


It’s just a story that you told yourself. But that also means it is something you can re-write. Think of it as a “choose your own adventure” story – you decide how this ends. Don’t get me wrong, I know this isn’t easy. You may have spent years writing that story. So many years in fact that you started to think that that story was a fact. You may have even heard other people tell the same story, but that still doesn’t make it true. In fact, you may have even told another person that the story doesn’t apply to them – only to you. But it isn’t real. It is a myth.  


So next time you put on clothes, step back from the mirror – way back – and take the whole picture in. That is how other people see you. And, if you find yourself getting distracted by that one tree, take a second and think about all the amazing things that that wonderful tree does for you. 


It’s not you, it’s your clothes. 




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