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Listen Up, Retailers: Plus Size Is A Must!

Listen Up, Retailers: Plus Size Is A Must!

I have people ask me how I am able to shop so well for my tall or above average (or “human sized” since we don’t call a size zero “below average”) clients when I myself happen to be quite small. The answer is simple; the very essence of Image Consulting is about analyzing the client’s wants and needs and looking at their body shape and colouring. It has nothing to do with my style or size. It is the reason why I do not judge any trend or brand or style; I can always find someone who will love it. That is the beauty of fashion, we are able to tell the world who we are without ever having to say a thing. Everyone is different. We all have our own little fingerprint of style. It is because of this that it drives me mad when I am sorting through a closet full of clothes where the client has sacrificed her style simply to fit her size. No one should ever have to buy clothes that they don’t love because they are the only things that fit.

plus sizeThere are 64 women’s stores in the Eaton Centre, how many of them do you think cater to Tall or Human sized sizes? Seven! Seven out of 64. That’s including department stores. Okay, now let’s be nice and add in the ones that offer it online, but for some reason don’t think that people over size 12 or taller than a 34 length need to try things on. That brings us up to 13. I’m no mathematician (I was a Sociology/Gender Studies major), but that doesn’t seem like a great percentage.

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the state of retail and how brands like GAP and Banana Republic are really suffering with all the competition and the fast turnaround. I have a great idea for both of them and I’m willing to give it away for free: Start selling clothing that fits all women.

Banana Republic, carry Tall sizes in store and for goodness sake, create above average sizing. Gap, start carrying them in store.



Ann Taylor, don’t think I forgot you! It is hard enough to find a 14 in store, never mind a 16. Smarten up.

LOFT, you are so good for cheap basics and blouses, how about grading that pattern a few more times so people of all sizes can wear your stuff, hmm? Okay? See that wasn’t so hard!

Reitmans (image above), you get the gold star for realizing that people size 12 and up do not require you to create a separate line with strange floral prints and layers built into the shirts. I never thought I would say it, but I think fashion stores could learn a thing or two from Reitmans!

Now I just need to talk to the other 50 stores!

Your Style Queen,


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