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Post KonMari: Part Deux

Post KonMari: Part Deux

In our previous blog we addressed the importance of understanding the “why” behind your style. The first question I wanted you to ask yourself as you cleansed out your closet of the pieces that didn’t bring you joy, was whether the piece matched your ideal style.

Today I want to give you your second question to ask yourself as you KonMari your wardrobe: Does the piece camouflage what you want to camouflage and accentuate what you want to accentuate?

Take a picture of you wearing the piece in a full outfit. Where do people look first? Or second? Are you drawing attention to a part of your body that you want people to focus on?

Look at your favourite outfit and compare it to the one you have on. How are they different? Different styles? Different focal points?

Stay tuned for more important questions to ask as you fill up those donation bags.

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