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Shopping 101

Do you know what colours to look for? Or where to shop?  Does shopping feel overwhelming or unproductive? We’ve got you covered.


Give a person an outfit and they look good for a day. Teach a person how to dress and they look great for the rest of their life! If you aren’t as interested in buying new clothes as you are in understanding how to shop, then this package is for you. There is no pressure to buy – the focus is on helping you see the shopping experience differently.

Shopping 101
Learn How to Shop


$495/3 hours

(OR Bring a Friend and get the second package 40% off!)

Virtual Package $349/2 HOURS

Want to learn how to shop smarter and more effectively? We can teach you how.

Package Includes:

  • Colour Analysis
  • Body Analysis
  • 1 hour One on One consultation on how to shop
  • 1.5 hours of shopping to apply our new found knowledge

This package is also available virtually.


Phone Consultation*

This initial consultation allows you to ask Your Shop Girl any questions about the process or packages and find out the best session for your individual style needs.


Colour Analysis

Learning what colours work best on you allows you to look more put together, shop smarter and create a wardrobe that multitasks effortlessly. A full colour analysis will give you the tools to walk into any store and immediately hone in on the colours that work for you, and those you should avoid. You’ll even be able to confidently choose natural looking hair colours and make up. The colour analysis starts with a brief education on colour and an overview of the 4 main colour seasons. We’ll establish your undertone, and find all the colours that flatter your skin-tones using large pieces of fabric in a variety colours and tones. You’ll immediately see the difference between colours that are just “okay”, your season’s “wow” colours and colours to stay away from.


Discovering an outfit that you like is fantastic, but what if you could understand why you like the outfit and then replicate that in every piece of clothing that you buy? This is what Your Shop Girl aims to achieve through educating you on the styles, colours and shapes that work best on you. You will also learn how to accessorize, look for patterns that work best on you and put full looks together. In the end you will be able to navigate your own closet like a pro.

Shopping or Closet Edit

What do you hate most about shopping? Trying on pieces that look fantastic on mannequins and awful on you? Or is it just being incredibly overwhelmed by choices? Maybe, it is endlessly sorting through racks only to come home with the same black t-shirt you already own? Whatever your concern is, Your Shop Girl will help solve it. We’ll target stores based on your ideal style and budget, put together full outfits and go over why things work or why they don’t. Please note that no clothing is put on hold with this package. All shopping is done together.

Prefer to do this package in your home? No problem, we can go over pieces you have questions about and make a quick list of things you need.


Don’t worry about trying to remember all the information we discuss during our session. Your Shop Girl will send you a 30+ page summary of all the tips and tricks to help you shop like a pro and links to pieces picked out especially for you.

Follow Up Call

We schedule a follow up once you have had a chance to apply the information you learned and go over your summary. Follow ups can be done via phone, skype or email.

Virtual Shopping 101

Live outside Toronto? Don’t have the time to meet in person? Or maybe your are just looking for some new online shopping resources? The Virtual Shopping 101 takes you through your style, body analysis, colour analysis and how to accessorize all from the comfort of your home.

Lifetime Access

Once you are a client you are a client for life. Email, call or text me with any style questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay you?
Your Shop Girl accepts Credit Cards and E-transfers. You will be taken to a page to pay once you have scheduled in your session.

Do you offer personalized packages?
Absolutely. Simply contact to discuss your style needs.

Do you offer your services outside of the City of Toronto?
Yes. Please contact to receive a quote for the additional charges.

What if I don’t want to spend money on clothes while we shop?
No problem at all. There is no pressure to buy anything while we are together.

Where do we go shopping and how is it determined?
Anywhere from vintage stores to boutiques; where we shop depends upon your style needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Can I add hours or services onto my package?

What kind of additional services can be added to the packages?
We are happy to recommend makeup artists, hair stylists, tailors and anything else you need to complete your wardrobe.

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