Returning Clients

Welcome back! 

Whether you decided that it was way easier for us to curate and shop for your wardrobe or it is just finally time for that closet cleanse, we have you covered. 

It’s not you, it’s your clothes.

Your Shop Girl is here to rescue you from any and all of your style needs. Never buy the wrong piece of clothing again. 


A La Carte Hours For Clients

Purchase individual hours

$125/ hour for in person and $95/hour for virtual hours

Want someone else to shop for you? Or need some more help in your closet?

Best for people who:

  • Loved someone else shopping for them so much that they want it again
  • Are interested in seeing what we would pick up for them
  • Want to explore new stores
  • Would love some more time and support applying their new education



Group Parties

$75-95pp for 2 hrs

Why go out with your Ladies, when you can stay in!?

Best for groups who:

  • Are looking for an original ladies night in
  • Want to learn more about style
  • Are interested in what colours work best on them
  • Love the idea of having friends keep them accountable with their new style rules




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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay you?
We accept Credit Cards (via Paypal), e-transfers or cash. When booking online you will be taken to a scheduling page where you can pay. Otherwise, if you schedule by phone, an invoice is sent you once you book your services.

Do you offer personalized packages?
Absolutely. Simply contact to discuss your style needs.

Do you offer your services outside of the City of Toronto?
Yes. Please contact to receive a quote for the additional charges.

What if I don’t want to spend money on clothes while we shop?
No problem at all. There is no pressure to buy anything while we are together.

Where do we go shopping and how is it determined?
Anywhere from vintage stores to boutiques; where we shop depends upon your style needs, lifestyle, and budget.

What if I don’t like the pieces you pick out for me?
Your Shop Girl offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied at the end of our session. We will happily refund you your money. We are not happy unless you are! Luckily, in almost a decade, we have never had anyone request one 🙂

Can I add hours or services onto my package?

What kind of additional services can be added to the packages?
I am happy to recommend photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, tailors and anything else you need to complete your wardrobe.

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