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Stop Organizing Your Life

Stop Organizing Your Life

My desk is really messy. Like embarrassingly  messy.

I look at perfect sparse desks on Pinterest and dream of one day working at a desk like that.

I always blamed my Mom. I believed I inherited the messy desk from her. She was a teacher for 45 years and in all that time she never saw the top of her desk (nor did she ever sit at it for that matter). Unlike her though, I love buying things to organize it. I honestly believe that they are going to bibbity bobbity boo my desk into instagramable perfection. I love really pretty colour coordinated file folders and pencil holders and tags and labels, did I say folders? The point is, none of it helps my desk look or feel any more organized, because the reality is I just need to get rid of a bunch of crap. I don’t need to put it in pretty folders or pin it up on a polka dot clipboard, I need to sort through it and throw it out.

So, what does this have to do with Image Consulting?

I see the same things done ALLLL the time during my closet cleanses. You buy skinny little hangers that allow you to shove as much as possible into your closets or put 10 shirts on one long gigantic hanger. You have baskets that you shove on your top shelves and Tupperware containers that hide in dark spaces for years without being looked at.

See the parallels?

You don’t need a magic closet system, you need less stuff. Or at least more stuff that you love and less stuff that is sitting there just to sit there. You need to be able to see everything that you wear and only hide things you will reach for (i.e. undergarments, PJs and workout gear).

It’s a new year and a new start. Let’s take this opportunity to get our closets and ourselves more organized (without visits to Umbra and Indigo).

I’ll clean off my desk and you clean out your closets. Deal? Deal.



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