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The Power of Clothing

The Power of Clothing

Clothes are so much more than just something we throw on to cover our bits. They can give us confidence or make us feel like crap. They can bring back memories or provide us strange goals to reach. They can frustrate us or make us feel like superstars. They are so much more than just a uniform.

I know how powerful they are. I see it everyday.

What I want you to realize is that you have control over them. You have control to only purchase pieces that you absolutely love and that love you back. You are able to decide where you want to spend your money and where you don’t. You also have the power to cut out those little stupid tags with random numbers on them.

So, I suggest you use your power for good and think before you buy. Think about how the piece makes you feel. I know that shopping may be frustrating and that not every store is going to fit you or your budget, but I promise you that if you look hard enough there are pieces that you will love out there. There is no reason to settle.

Trust me.



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