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Top 10 Plus-Size (Human-Size) Clothing Sites

Top 10 Plus-Size (Human-Size) Clothing Sites

If you are tired of heading into Addition Elle (with their weird bright bags) and Old Navy, then check out these online stores instead. 

plus size clothingTalbots
Shop for: Beautiful jackets and blazers
Some people may think of Talbots as an old woman store. I call it a store with great basics in beautiful fabrics, that actually carries petite, plus and petite plus sizes. If you don’t like the brand, cut your tags out

Mango/Violeta (left)
Shop for: Everything
This is my favourite above average section. I send clients here for everything, from minimalist dresses to cardigans, this site has it all!

Shop for: Cheap and cheerful leggings or tops
I wish Torrid would have tried a little harder to create clothes that were slightly better made. Or at least included some natural fabrics in their line. They are good for filler pieces, but they really offer the same quality as Forever 21 at a higher price.


Shop for: Basic Investment pieces
If I could have created a specialty human-size store, it would probably look like Primaala. The pieces aren’t cheap, but they are really beautiful.

The Bay
Shop for: Jeans, Tops and Jackets
It is hit or miss in here, but they seem to be getting better. I actually really like some of the Jessica Simpson pieces and (cough cough) Ivanka Trump.

Shop for: Everything
Slow clap for Nordstrom. What can I say? You are the Queen.

Big Sister’s Closet
Shop for: Trendy pieces
This is a great spot for cute, trendy pieces and their Instagram lets you see each of their new pieces on three different models.

Shop for: Everything
If ASOS had a store in Toronto I would live there. I started ordering from them back in the day when they used to use the pictures of the celebrities wearing the piece they copied in order to get you to buy (hence As Seen On Stars).  I love their maternity pieces, I love their plus size and I love their petites, mainly because all the styles look the same but are made in different sizes.

Cleo and Reitmans
Shop for: Wash and wear tops and dresses
Cleo and Reitmans get the same shout out because they both offer really similar styles. They both do a good job of turning out casual easy pieces for everyday.

Shop for: Pretty, feminine and retro-inspired clothing
Modcloth is definitely for a specific style, but if you like the idea of looking playful and feminine, then I would definitely check them out.

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