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Trends of 2019: Our Favourite Fashion Decades

Trends of 2019: Our Favourite Fashion Decades

Trends of 2019: Our Favourite Fashion Decades


Have you ever thought about what fashion decade you would be if you had to choose?


For me it would be the 80’s. I have this curly, voluminous hair and I often have the desire to wear bright colours and pull off unique shapes. I’ve even been given the occasional comment on how I resemble a particular pop 80’s icon (I’ll let you fill in the blanks there).


It’s always fun to pull inspiration from a particular decade and warp it into your own contemporary style. In fact, this year, fashion throwbacks have become a trend in and of itself. It started with the 90’s, (ie. chunky white runners paired with tiny sunglasses) and has continued to go as far back as the 60’s.


This week I wanted to dig a little deeper into this observation and highlight some examples of popular fashion trends that have come back in 2019. Here’s what I found:


2019 60’s Style

Women’s style in the 60’s involved lots of colour, shift dresses, and matching outfits to accessories. Although the crazy patterns and big hair may have died down, there are still some significant styles that have transferred into the trends of today:



The biggest trend that you can really pull from the 60’s is the shift dress. Often ideal for an H body shape, the shift dress can be a very classic piece for your wardrobe. It’s a great basic item for spring and summer that you can continuously dress up or down.  


2019 70’s Style

The 70’s hippie is making a comeback in a big “boho” kind of way this year. Let’s compare:



It’s becoming especially apparent that bell sleeves and bell-bottom pants are coming back into style in 2019. Bell-bottoms are a particularly wonderful option if you’re a V-shape. The jean’s flare will add volume and dimension to widen your shape on the bottom. Any kind of flare can also be a great way to put a small twist on a conventional outfit.


2019 80’s Style

The 80’s was an eccentric time for fashion; Everything that was bigger was better—bigger hair, bigger shoulder pads, big and baggier clothing, the list goes on and on. You can see how it’s translated into today’s fashion sense:



Today’s take on the 80’s is a little more tailored. The shoulder pads might not be as wide, and the colours may not as bright, but many of the shapes are still there. Throw on any pair of pants that are high waisted with an oversized jacket and you’re well on your way to rocking the modern 80’s trend.


2019 90’s Style

The 90’s have especially come back in a big way this year. To prove my point, let’s take a look at some of Monica and Rachel’s outfits from Friends, compared to some of today’s looks:



Uncanny! The simpler the better I find when it comes to pulling off a 90’s look. A sleek short skirt, high-waisted jeans, or a simple pull-over dress are all great examples.  It’s quite common to show off your waist, while still wearing something slightly oversized at the same time.



I think the most significant thing that I found when researching styles from today vs. the past is how each generation chooses to take things and style them in their own unique way. As we move forward, decades from the past will continue to go in and out of style, but the unique flare that each decade brings is what keeps it original. Let’s take this moment to remember this point in time, when we used 40 years of different styles to inspire us to be our own kind of trendy.


Tell me about your favourite fashion decade to rock in 2019! Email me at or tag us on insta @your_shop_girl.

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