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VIB (Very Important Boutiques and Brands) for our VIPs

VIB (Very Important Boutiques and Brands) for our VIPs

On the first day of December Your Shop Girl gave to me a discount for local boutiques!!!

We wanted to reward our clients for being the best clients* in the whole wide world. We also wanted to support our local boutiques that we love and don’t get to frequent enough with all of you. Soooo, we squished those two wishes together, blew out a birthday candle and the VIB (Very Important Boutiques/Brands) program was born.

*If you are a client and have not received the YSG VIB discount codes, please email for the list


Here are some of the boutiques and brands involved along with our favourite picks.


1. ARC apparel (online)

This online store features one of my all time favourite brands Emerson Fry. Check it out if you are looking for effortlessly elegant 

clothing with a conscious that will actually last. 

We love their cord jacket by Indi and Cold

Indi and Cold jacket


2.  Barcelona Collective  (online)

We are always looking for clothes that we can machine wash, what if I told you that there was shoes you could machine wash too?! These little pieces of art are as comfy as they are cute.

They are sold out of the cheetah Escala high tops that we LOVE, but we also love the espadrilles (and all of the other shoes too!!!)

BC Escala High Tops


3. Boa Boutiques (Oakville and the Beaches)

Boa is the kind of store that makes you wonder why you ever visit big box stores. The owners are lovely and the staff is actually helpful. They also carry Mavi pants and jeans, which are one of our favourite brands of great denim at a really reasonable price.

Boa Juliette Mid Rise


4. BIKO (online)

The first time I met Corrine (owner of Biko) I did a little bow to her. I think she is a genius and her jewelry are little pieces of art. I remember buying a necklace from her over a decade ago at her little booth. I still have it. If you want your jewelry to tell a story (or you just need a great statement piece) then check out Biko. Here is my favourite piece right now. 

BIKO Helios Pendant


5. Franc  (online)

Clients are sometimes hesitant about buying things online… until they order a tee from Franc. Their customer service is almost as good as their tees.

Our favourite piece (besides all their tees) is “The Hoodie” that I (Suzanne) just bought.

FRANC Hoodie


6. Freda’s  (online and in store)

If you have ever watched a local talk show or seen anyone on a red carpet in Toronto, you have probably seen someone on one of the dresses from Freda’s. What people don’t realize is that they do custom suiting and carry sizes up to 24.

We love their jackets, so one of our favourite pieces from them is this faux leather waterfall jacket

Waterfall Jacket


7. Fresh Collective (online or in the Beaches or in Roncesvalles)

There are few stores that support Canadian as much as Fresh Collective. If you are looking for something playful and original then Fresh Collective is great. We love their layering pieces, especially this new cardigan that almost reads as a blazer!

Rachel Cardigan


8. I Love Tyler Madison (online)

What if I told you that I could show you a pair of pants that looks like dress pants and feels like tights and if you wear them it will help save dogs? Dreamy right? That is what I love Tyler Madison does! Our favourite pair right now is the aubrey

the Aubree pant


9. Inner Muse (online)

We contacted Inner Muse to be involved in VIB solely so the YSG team could shop there and not feel guilty about the amount of accessories we have 😉 Check out these acetate hoops and these amazing barrettes (makes me want to grow out my hair!)

Inner Muse Barettes


10. Kotn  (online and on Queen West)

Oh Kotn, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. I love that they are sustainable. I love that they are like like farm to table for clothes. I love that they make cotton that is thick and beautiful and soft. I also love their flannels (and if my family is reading this and wants to know what I want for Christmas, click on anything on this site and I will be happy)

Kotn Flannel Button-up


11. La Muse (Leaside)

If you want to look effortlessly chic without paying a million dollars then check out La Muse. There are very few boutiques in Toronto that cover so many different styles in one store. I love their coats!

La Muse coats


12. Liel & Lentz  (online)

Whenever clients want a piece of jewelry that they can throw on with everything without thinking about it, I recommend Liel and Lentz. If you want delicate, beautiful jewelry, check them out. I really love her long necklaces.

Liel and Lentz ISA Two Tone necklace


13. Logan & Finley (online or on Queen West)

If you are looking for elevated casual pieces in amazing ethical quality brands, then check out Logan & Finley. I especaillly love her Fig and Miik pieces. I wish I had stocks in this Emily Miik blazer, since our clients have bought so many! It feels like a sweatshirt and looks like a blazer. 

Logan and Finley Emily Blazer


14. meg (online and on Queen West)

“Made in your neighbourhood, by women, for women” If you are looking for really cool understated, but very original pieces, that will last forever then Meg is definitely a brand you should check out. I have a very hard time fixing a favourite piece, but I think I have to go with this sweater, since original great quality sweaters are hard to find!

Meg Juno Sweater


15. Melmira (Yonge and Lawrence)

The right bra will literally change the way clothes fit you. If you have never had a bra fitting (or never had a really good one), then you need to visit Melmira. They also have amazing bathing suits. Love this 50’s inspired one piece 

Jets Jetset 50s Gathered Full piece


16. Task (Beaches)

If you have thought for even a moment that you could really live in any Scandavian countries then I would like you to check out Task. The pieces are like minimalist pieces of art. I love love love Veronique Miljkovitch . She make comfortable pieces that are original and really beautiful. The housewares are sooo great as well. 

Veronique Miljkovitch Kamala Jacket


17. Chance & Fate (Summerhill)

We fell in love with this store as soon as we walked in. It feels like a little secret that you don’t really want to share with anyone because it is so special. If you want a truly curated boutique experience with original pieces that no one else in Toronto carries, then please check them out. 


18. Thigh Society (online)

If you have ever put deodorant between your thighs, then please please buy one of these

Thigh Society Original Regular Rise


19. PKG

We now have everyone in our families obsessed with PKG bags. I am not sure why it took so long for us to discover them. If you are looking for an amazing overnight bag, try the Bishop. You will want to plan more overnight trips.

PKG Bishop bag


20. Shop Girls (online and in store)

Besides having a really great name, this store offers a crazy selection of Yoga Jeans and tons of Canadian designers. These sky rise leather look pants are awesome (sizes 24-34)

Shop Girls Sky Rise Skinny Cobra


21. Smithery  (online and in store)

If you follow Your Shop Girl, you already know we love Smithery. There clothes are affordable and their staff is amazing. If you are tired of wearing the same things as everyone else, but you want something casual that is still put together then head to Smithery. I love this blouse they just released in sizes up to 16


Esqualo Sheer Sleeve Blouse


22. Dekade

You want amazing downtown brands without driving downtown. This is a great Aurora boutique filled with tons of fun clothes. If you are looking for something sparkly this holiday then check them out. 


23. Caitlin Power (by appointment)

You are looking for fashion forward, sexy suiting options then you found your brand. Here is our favourite custom dress from them right now!

Caitlin Power MET dress


24. Figjam  (online)

If your style personality is sexy or flirty then check out this store that carries fun Aussie brands. This blazer with lace arms is a great example of how they add a little spice to all of their pieces. 

Runaway the Label Primavera Blazer and Pant 


25. Narnia (Yonge and Lawrence)

Narnia is one of those little stores you could walk by a hundred times and not notice, but it is filled with great pieces. If you are tired of shopping at the mall and want a store that you can find a little of everything in then you should check it out. 


26. Tusk (Queen West)

If you thought that maybe your wardrobe needed a trendy little piece for the season to spice it up then Tusk may be for you. This bias cut skirt is super cute.  

Trio Midi Skirt


27. The Latest Scoop (Queen West and Ossington)

With clothing, accessories and even home decor, it’s almost impossible to leave the Latest Scoop empty handed. We love going here to find modern and fun pieces for an assortment of different bodies.

The Latest Scoop Coconut Jacket & denim


Have a favourite brand or boutique that you would like us to add to our list? Post it on social and tag us at @your_shop_girl or email us at



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