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Why You Don’t Love Your Style

Why You Don’t Love Your Style

Have your favourite outfits stopped bringing you joy? Do you struggle to find something to wear and then feel blah about it all day? Let me help you figure out why!

why you don't love your style1. Your style may not be you anymore
Every seven years, the cells in our body regenerate, so why would we expect that our style would remain the same? Make sure that your clothes can be described in the same way that you want to be described.

2. You shopped hungry and settled
We all do it. We need some new clothes or a new outfit for an occasion and instead of planning ahead or researching, we simply go into the store and leave with a piece that “will do”.

3. You allowed fit to trump style
You settled for something that fit instead of really ensuring that it is your ideal style.

4. You have never taken pieces to a tailor (no, your dry cleaner does not count)
Your clothes don’t fit perfectly, because they are made to fit a mannequin—not a real body. There are very few pieces that we buy that don’t require some kind of alterations to make them look and feel better.

5. You bought based on price tags
You say that you can’t afford more expensive clothes, but rather than buying more expensive clothes on sale you buy lots of cheap clothes that are just okay.

The first step is recognizing the issue. The second step is making promise to yourself not to do it again. Need help? It’s what I do!

See? That wasn’t that hard 

Your Style Queen,


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