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Why You Should Dress Like a 2yr Old

Why You Should Dress Like a 2yr Old

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Let me be clear, I am not giving you permission to wear stretchy pants and onesie pajamas (okay fine, maybe you can keep your onesie pajamas). No, what I am about to say is completely opposite from that. Instead, what I want you to do is start thinking differently about every piece of clothing you own or are ever going to own. At the end of this blog, I want you to be able to look at your wardrobe the same way I look at my 2 year olds.

Let me explain.

When I first had my daughter I was inundated with clothes for her. I mean, who doesn’t like buying clothes for a baby?! And as a new Mom I appreciated all of them. Every one of them was beautifully wrapped and included a matching dress or pants and top with a hat, sweater, socks or shoes.

Dreamy, right?

At first, yes it was. In the first 6 months I basically scrambled to get her in the clothes before she grew out of them. But as the new Mom fog cleared, as I started to get her dressed I realized I was putting her in the same few outfits. Nothing mixed and matched.

As the seasons changed and she started to grow out of her wardrobe, I realized I needed a game plan for shopping for her. That was how Kaelyn became my youngest and cutest client.

First, I talked to her about her style. Although she is big on the Scandanavian minimalist look, we both agreed that woodland animals and stars were acceptable. Next we talked colours. Unfortunately she really didn’t want to sit still to be draped; however judging from her gold hues in her hair and brown eyes I suspect she flows between a Spring and Summer. She prefers pastels over happy Easter colours, so we opted to stay within the Summer tones. I never like to force a client into colours. With no body hang ups (another reason we should act like 2 year olds) she would be pretty easy to find styles for. She is ectomorphic like her Mama, so we would stick to tailored fabrics with straighter lines. Anything too puffy or ruffly just tends to overwhelm her frame.

Then, we shopped.

We concentrated on basics with some flare in pastel colours. We picked up 3 tops for every bottom and a few layering pieces. Then we grabbed a jacket, a pair of flats and a great pair of brown boots.

Not only was I able to close my eyes and pick any two pieces to go together, I also saved tons of money by making smarter purchases on fewer clothes..

If you want to learn how to dress even better than my 2 year old check out my Royal Education Package. It takes you through all the steps you need to be a smarter and more efficient shopper.

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