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You need these…

You need these…

Have you ever tried a new type of food and thought “I can’t believe I lived my life without this.” I felt that way the first time I tried salted dark chocolate.

I wanted to make a list of the clothing equivalent of my dark chocolate. So, here is my list of things that you didn’t even know you needed:

1. Undershirt

I’m a huge fan of nudie patootie. I received an email asking me to try them out about a year ago and I have worn it ever since. It goes under everything and protects your shirts from sweat stains. I don’t really know why I didn’t wear one before.

2. Turkish towel

If you don’t have a turkish towel sitting in your hall closet right now I would like you to put it on your to-do list right now. They are a cross between a wrap, blanket and towel and they should be a staple in everyone’s household. Especially anyone who likes to pack light. I know they cost more, but they are so worth it. 

3. Silk robe

You know how you can throw on a great coat over top of literally anything and still look really put together? What if you could have that same feeling while answering the door to the Uber guy? This is what a great robe does. It doesn’t have to be silk, it just has to be great.

4. Seamless Underwear

I like to buy my underwear and my trail mix the same way- in bulk. But every once in a while I treat myself to a fancy chocolate mix trail mix and a fancy pair of under pants. After grabbing a random pair of seamless ones I was hooked.

Do you have an accessory or clothing that you can’t live without?

Email me at or find me on instagram @Your_Shop_Girl and let me know what I missed!

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