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Three Girls and a Baby (a.k.a. Meet My Team!)

Three Girls and a Baby (a.k.a. Meet My Team!)

About 10 years ago I created a baby. Just like every one had warned, it was totally life changing…

It took up tons of time and had me up all hours of the night. I put a huge amount of time and effort into it and rarely received any appreciation. Sometimes I felt like I wanted to just give it away. Oh, and there were so many mistakes learning experiences! Nevertheless, I persevered and found that slowly, as the baby grew, it became easier and easier to handle. There wasn’t as many late nights or nearly as much crying. I actually began to enjoy it! But no matter how old the baby got, I still had difficultly letting other people take care of it. I truly believed that no one could care for it like I did. Then one day, not too long ago, I met some women that made me change my mind. I started to teach them how I parent, and they in return provided gentle suggestions. As we got to know each other, I started to let them babysit and then, as time went on, I slowly began to allow for longer amounts of time (they were actually quite good with it).

In the Spring, as I watched them together, I found myself getting teary – they were finally ready to co-parent. I no longer had to do it all alone.

And that is the story of how we became four girls and a baby.

That baby, of course, is named Your Shop Girl and the co-parents Laura and Jannah.

I am excited to introduce them all to you.


Laura (left) started as my assistant and right hand woman and has slowly learned all you can learn about my business. Including all the summaries I send out to clients. She is funny and smart and has a fantastic eye for detail. She is an amazing Mother of four with a background in communications; which shows, because she is also a great teacher. She has recently taken on a new package at Your Shop Girl that helps you get dressed for personal or business photoshoots. I love watching Laura pre-shop for clients. You can guarantee that she will have more than enough on hold and waiting for you when you meet her!

Laura will be offering the Royal Education, Fit for a Queen Shopping and our new Paparazzi package.   

You can find out more about Laura and book HERE

Jannah (right) and I have been friends for quite some time. A few years ago she borrowed my old school books to use for an Image Consulting course she was taking. I thought she may want to start her own company (but secretly hoped she would want to join mine). Little did I know she was thinking the same thing. Jannah has two wee kids and is coming on part time with Your Shop Girl. I told her last week that she is the type of person that makes you feel like if you are having a bad day you could curl up on her lap and she would make you feel better. She also happens to be a damn good Image Consultant. She is a pro at Closet Cleanses and has a natural ability at breaking down concepts to help you understand exactly how she just helped you see your wardrobe in a completely different light.

Jannah will be offering Royal Education, Closet Cleanses packages and group parties.  

You can find out more about Jannah and book HERE

After a difficult and very humbling few months dealing with a family member’s very unexpected illness (more on that in next months newsletter), I have decided to cut down on the packages I myself am going to handle so I can concentrate on making sure my current clients (and family and friends) feel really taken care of.

I will no longer handle the Royal Education or Fit for a Queen Packages.  Instead, I will focus on follow up a la carte packages for existing clients, closet cleanses, the Fit for a King package and the Royal Treatment package. I will also be continuing to host #ysgtakespec and perfect my lunch and learns for companies that want to stop their employees from wearing flip flops 😉

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