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5 Pieces That Will Change The Way You Get Dressed

5 Pieces That Will Change The Way You Get Dressed

Here are some of the the most innovative pieces to come to women’s clothing since sports bras were created. I actually wish I had thought of them myself 😉

ISSUE: You can’t find a button up that doesn’t gap or pull

SOLUTION: Lezé shirts not only don’t pull or wrinkle they are also made from recycled coffee.

I’m not sure I can think of anything better than combining coffee and clothing. You can pre-order one of three styles of white shirts from Indiegogo now. I’ve also asked them to send a size set to me in the Spring so we can host an event and you can try them, so keep your eye out for details.

ISSUE: You stock up on nylons, because they run every time you put them on (or you avoid buying them at all!)

SOLUTION: Sheerly Tights invented a tight that won’t run even when you are

This sounds like magic and I can’t wait to try them. I am one of the few women left that actually loves to wear nylons(they hide everything!), so not having to buy 5 at a time really appeals to me.

ISSUE: You can’t wear silk or polyester blouses without suffering sweat stains.

SOLUTION: Knix Undershirts that hide sweat

Knix actually offer quite a few life changing pieces, including their wireless bras and thigh savers, but I think their undershirts are the my favourite. They don’t show under blouses and they allow you to get a second wear out of pieces before dry cleaning or machine washing them. They basically pay for themselves.

ISSUE: Dealing with bulk around the midsection

SOLUTIONSpanx Underwear that actually holds you in

I know we all know about Spanx, but I discovered this specific pair when I was searching for something that a client could wear with pants on a daily basis. Not only did they smooth things out, but they actually stayed up as well.

ISSUE: Your “no show” socks slide off your heel or show in your flats

SOLUTION: Gekks Socks that don’t show or slip

I was trying to research a pair of socks for a client who has given up wearing loafers because of dealing with socks and I came across these bad boys. Not only are they sized, they also have a variety of styles to match your shoes. I’m adding these to my Christmas list.

Have you found that a specific piece of clothing or accessory has changed the way you get dressed? Tell me about it! or @your_shop_girl

Also, as always, this post is not sponsored in anyway. Your Shop Girl does not do affiliate links, commission or ads in any of our services, so you always know that our recommendations are based on what you really need. 

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