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9 Smart Packing Tips Everyone Should Know

9 Smart Packing Tips Everyone Should Know

I am sitting on a plane that left at 8:00 this morning on my way to Seattle. I packed at 4:30 this morning and I can guarantee I didn’t forget anything. “How?”, you ask. Well, besides making sure everything was washed and available for packing, I followed my own advice. Here are the 10 smart packing tips I always use:

  1. Your Shop Girl Smart Packing TipsStart with your favourite outfit
    Heading to the beach? Start with your favourite summer outfit. Off to a explore a new city? What is your favourite everyday outfit? If you have a starting point it make it less overwhelming.
  2. Bring three tops for every bottom
    Each of these three tops should work with one pair of pants or a skirt. So, if you have three pairs of pants you should have nine tops (three tops for each bottom = nine outfits). Or, you could win bonus points and bring six tops that all work with two bottoms (six for each bottom = 12 outfits).
  3. Use a neutral colour as a wardrobe anchor
    It doesn’t matter if it is black, grey, brown or navy, it is important to pack using the same colour—and patterns in that colour—so you can mix and match everything.
  4. Load up on accessories
    If you are a scarf person, bring a scarf. A necklace person? Bring necklaces. I don’t care what the accessories are, I just want you to be able to make the same outfit look different just by throwing on your favourite accessories.
  5. Roll your clothes or fold with tissue
    Bry and I often have bags that weigh the same, the difference is I am carrying a carry on and he is carrying a massive duffel bag. I take advantage of every nook and cranny. If you are headed to a place without an iron, I would definitely grab a travel steamer.
  6. Pack a neutral shoe that will work with at least half of your outfits
    This could be a flat or heel in a nude or tan for women, or a camel or tan for men. Whatever will go with at least half of your clothes.
  7. Wear your chunkiest shoes and coat on the plane
    Planes are freezing (I am sitting on one right now in a tank, long sleeve and chunky cardigan) so you might as well take advantage and pile on clothes you would pack anyway. Remember that episode of Friends where Joey puts on all Chandler’s clothing and does lunges? You should look kind of like that but with underwear on (If you haven’t seen the episode you should YouTube it).
  8. Pack a great undershirt
    I have found a new love for Nudy Patooty for women. Or, for men I recommend Under Armour.
    This will help to preserve your shirts. The main reason we have to wash our tops is because they are in our armpits all day. If we can set up a barrier that helps quite a bit with preserving our fabrics.
  9. Lay everything out on the bed and count your outfits
    Make sure you have all your occasions covered. Depending on how organized you want to be, you may even decide to take pictures of your outfits.

Now all you need is a ticket somewhere 🙂

Your Style Queen,


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