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A Beautiful Thank You

A Beautiful Thank You


I have always had a hard time asking for testimonials or publishing the beautiful thank you’s I receive after sessions. My job is so personal and I never want any of my clients to feel exposed. However I know how important it is to new clients to know they are in good hands. So after many flattering thankful texts from my gorgeous and very wonderful client Jennifer Duerr, I asked her if she may want to say a few words about her experience. She obliged.



“Like most of us…there are things in my life that I enjoy…and things that I don’t. Fashion, shopping, finding the best ‘fit for my figure’ … all fall into the latter. As a single mother of two, with a demanding career, I lack both the time, and the inclination for any of it.

Sure, I want to look good

to walk into a room with confidence…

and to never think about whether or not my shoes match.

Doesn’t everyone?

Enter “My Shop Girl”. Suzanne has literally saved me from myself! She is organized (so is my closet now), honest, and sincere. This part needs to be clear…if it doesn’t look good…Suzanne will not lie to you. And if it does look good…and you’re not sure … give it a go… she’s right.

First, we tackled my closet…

brimming with things I didn’t wear, or didn’t fit.

Then … “meet me at the mall,” she says. Suzanne had pre-selected every piece of clothing that she wanted me to try. We went to specific stores…and wasted no time at all. No pressure to buy any of the items she had chosen, although I loved all of them! And she sent me on my way.

If you’re anything at all like me…you’ve got to work with Your Shop Girl. I have saved so much money and time …I have complete confidence in my look…

and I will never shop without her again!”



Thank you Jen (and also a thank you to her little man who shovelled the driveway at our first closet cleanse so I wouldn’t have to walk in the snow and her mini me who played so nicely with her friend during our session)



Your Style Queen


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