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After KonMari

After KonMari

You know when a clothing trend comes out and you think “I feel totally vindicated, I have loved this for so long and now everyone sees how awesome it is!”

That is how I felt when I first read the Life Changing Art of Tidying Up. And then again when Marie Kondo’s series Tidying Up came out earlier this month. Getting rid of crap is finally trendy! Yay!!!

But, what I realized as I read the book and watched the show is that while clients became experts at deciphering whether a piece brought them joy, they didn’t understand why the piece didn’t make them happy. Or why they bought it in the first place.

The why makes all the difference. 

The why prevents you from replicating the same mistakes.

The why will help you understand how to pick more pieces that bring you joy.

The why is the key to a wardrobe that multitasks.

Understanding the ingredients and methodology behind why you like or dislike your clothing allows you to question each of your purchases so specifically that you never bring home a piece that is less than perfect.

There are tons of things to think about and questions to ask, but today I will leave you with the most important one to start with; when you look at your clothing think about whether you would want to pin the outfit on Pinterest. Think about whether it is your ideal style. Do you describe it in the same way you want to be described?




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