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Best Dressed TV Actresses

Best Dressed TV Actresses

Finding your style icon can be a really difficult task. Luckily we live in the era of Pinterest and TV, so it makes searching for inspiration a little bit easier.

Here are my tops picks of the best dressed on the little screen:

Brianna Hanson

I love her casual wardrobe and her work wardrobe. She is classic with a touch of fierceness. If you are a mix of classic and sexy, she is your style icon.

Claire Underwood

If I could break into anyone’s wardrobe and steal all of their clothes it would be Claire Underwood. Her outfits all fit like they were made for her (they have all been altered to perfection). No matter what the situation, she looks immaculately put together.   If you like menswear or structured, uber tailored pieces than she is your gal.

Donna Paulson

Donna can do no wrong in my eyes. Her dresses are amazing. Amazing. I only wear dresses when I present, but Donna makes me want to wear them everyday. If you like feminine and elegant office wear Donna can be your style icon.

Olivia Pope

There are quite a few blogs dedicated to Ms. Pope’s fashion choices. She rarely wears anything that isn’t a really beautiful high fashion piece. If only we could have her clothing budget! If you love elegant feminine pieces Olivia is definitely a source of inspiration.

Mindy Lahiri

I think Mindy’s outfits are fantastic. I rarely have a client who wants to play around with pattern and colour as much as she does, but when I do I always call on Mindy for inspiration (figuratively that is, I don’t actually call her). If you like fun, friendly and cute outfits, Mindy is definitely your style icon.

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