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How to Find Your Superman Cape

How to Find Your Superman Cape

When I start working with clients I ask them A LOT of questions. What their favourite colours are, where they shop, how they would describe their ideal style… But there are 2 or 3 questions that are more telling than any of the other ones. One of my most important questions is:

“what is your favourite outfit and why”.


What outfit makes you want to walk by an old boyfriend or girlfriend’s work? Or take a full length selfie? What outfit is your superman cape? Take a second and really think about it.

pink cape


Why couldn’t all your clothes make you feel that good? Why can’t we have a whole closet full of pieces that we love?

The truth is you can.

You are in charge of what you bring home and what you get rid of.  The next time you think about buying a piece, first think about whether it makes you feel as good as your favourite outfit.




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