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America Male Server

America Male Server

I spend a lot of time thinking about food and fashion. A lot. In fact I think it is kind of a problem. If I ever have to do a closet cleanse in another part of the city I spend half the time looking at where I am going to eat before. So it seemed natural that I would find a way to combine the two.

No, not in a Lady Gaga meat dress type of way more like a –I can’t believe how many similarities there are between getting dressed and preparing meals – type of way.

How so? You ask.

Let me explain

  1. Shopping Lists
    • Whether you are shopping for dinner or a new outfit it is important to know what you have at home and what you are headed to the store to buy. If you head into a store without that information there is a good chance you are going to forget something or end up with something you already have at home.


  2. Recipes
    • You spend time planning out meals by looking up new recipes, so why don’t you do the same thing with your clothes? Check out Pinterest or the latest fashion magazine for inspiration for your own closet.


  3. Spices
    • I wouldn’t make a meal without adding herbs and spices to it; nor would I create an outfit without adding accessories to it. Think of your outfit as chicken and your accessories as the spice. You can make it exactly how you want it.


If you still feel like you need some help spicing up your wardrobe, try out the Personal Stylist virtual package to receive personal tips and tricks based on your outfits for a week.

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