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Hamburger or Filet Mignon?

Hamburger or Filet Mignon?

Instead of thinking of sales as a time when you can get cheap stuff cheaper, how about we start to think of the sale season as a time when we can actually afford to buy pieces that we couldn’t otherwise purchase?

I think sale season should be a chance to help our wardrobes multitask. To add amazing anchor pieces that make our cheap and cheerful pieces look like a million bucks. It shouldn’t be used to simply pile more “stuff” into our already packed closets or buy pieces that we wouldn’t have bought full price. 

If I have the choice to buy a filet mignon for the price of a burger or just a cheap burger, I am going to pick the filet. I can enjoy a burger anytime.

So, today when you are shopping online, why not think about checking out local designers that have to charge a little bit more for their pieces that they having lovingly created. Or designers and boutiques that sell clothing that is out of reach on any other day of the year. 

Let’s invest in ourselves and invest in clothing that will last as long as we love it.

p.s. divide the price of your purchase by the number of times you will wear it for a “cost per wear” analysis.

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