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How Image Consulting Will Change Your Life (It Changed Mine!)

How Image Consulting Will Change Your Life (It Changed Mine!)

When I was a kid my fourth grade teacher used to constantly check the labels on my clothes. I had an aunt who worked at Ports and she used to give me her hand-me-downs. I would wrap or layer them over my own clothes to create some very “cool” (to a 10-year-old) combinations. I think the teacher was pissed off that I was making expensive clothes look so bad.

image consulting will change your lifeIn OAC, I was voted “Most Changed Since Grade 9”. I started high school with a Dick Tracy lunch box and a blue wig and graduated in platform wedged Italian boots and clothing from Aritzia (Toronto had just gotten their first store). I still have a pair of pants from that year (PLEASE don’t tell anyone)!

I have always loved playing with fashion. Nevertheless, it was never something I ever thought I would make a career out of. Fast forward a few years and I was graduating from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Art in Sociology, Gender Studies and Philosophy and wondering what a professional philosopher got paid. I began researching post-grad education and came across image consulting. It looked interesting, but I didn’t really know what it was or what I could do with it. I signed up anyway. During one of the first classes we talked about overcoming our insecurities, doing affirmations and starting vision boards. I left the class and called my best friend crying. (I don’t cry. Seriously.)

I would never write another resumé again. One of my clients says finding your calling is like falling in love. You can’t really explain it but when it is right, it is just right.

To me, image consulting is about showing women that they can have higher standards for their clothing. I want to show you that style is about clothes loving you and you loving them back. So often we blame our bodies for mistakes that our clothes are making. It’s not your body’s fault!

Image consulting is not about just shopping for people and picking out clothes. I want to help you find and understand your style and show you how to love your clothes—and your body in those clothes.

I would say “I love my job”, but to call what I do a job seems like an enormous understatement. “I love my life,” is probably closer to the truth.

Thank you to all my clients for helping me grow and supporting my passion. I am truly and deeply grateful.



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