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How to be a More Sustainable Shopper

So, you know that our fast fashion consumption is polluting our planet and want your closet to be more sustainable, but you don’t want to whittle your closet down to 24 pieces or only buy bamboo and organic cotton clothes? 


We get it. 


You don’t have to live in a solar house and live off the land to help save our planet in the same way that you don’t have to empty out your closet in order to have one that’s more ethical. 


So, what are the steps you can take right now towards having more sustainable closet…


1. Check the labels.

Check the labels the same way you would check ingredients on the side of the box; Where is it made? How far does it have to travel to get to you? What materials is it made of?


2. Revamp don’t reject.

Instead of tossing out pieces that aren’t perfect, fix them. Are your whites discolored? Try this mix. Black fabrics looking a little gray? Try this dye from Amazon. 

The more you invest in these pieces, the more likely you’re going to want to put the time and money into them. Which leads me to my life next suggestion…


3. Buy the best quality you can afford. 

I’m not going to give you a specific budget here but you don’t have to have money to be stylish. My advice? Buy less and spend a little bit more. 


4. Buy local. 

Supporting local entrepreneurs doesn’t just mean superior quality, it also means better customer service and supporting a person who is driven by passion and not power. 


5. Only buy pieces you really love.

 I know that sounds simple enough but we don’t practice it enough! Think of your closet like an art gallery and only put the most curated and loved pieces in it. Check out these accounts for more on how to have a more sustainable wardrobe:


Logan & Finley

Arc Apparel


Valerie Dumaine

The best part–these brands are all Canadian too!


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