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How to Get Out Any Stain

How to Get Out Any Stain

I can’t tell you how many times I have had to get rid of pieces in client’s closets because they had a stain on them! It is such a waste. Although I am totally guilty of spilling something on myself anddd then telling myself I will deal with it later just to end up leaving it in my laundry basket for a week before totally forgetting about it and throwing it in with the rest of my clothes.

If this sounds familiar then this is the blog for you!

Tony, the owner of , is here to walk you through how to get rid of those stains before they ruin your outfit (or your night).


Here are some of Tony’s amazing Tips and Tricks for dealing with stains:


Don’t Rub The Stain

The first thing most women do is run to the bathroom and start rubbing the stain with soap and water. There’s nothing worse than doing this. Rubbing most stains is a bad idea, as it forces the stain deeper into the fabric, which can ruin your dress.


Blot The Stain

Grab a cloth and blot the stain, you’ll see the stain start to transfer to the fabric. If you’re at a house party then you’re in luck as you could probably find some life-saving items in the kitchen. White vinegar is one of the best stain removers, believe it or not. Use some on a cloth to blot out red wine stains; it also works well on juice and coffee. In case you happen to be eating a hot dog at the party and get a little mustard on your dress, then white vinegar is great for getting rid of that too!


Getting Rid Of Oily Stains

Use detergent and water to get rid of oily, greasy stains. Let the soap foam up and if you have a toothbrush handy then gently use circular motions on the stain. If the detergent has a strong colour then make sure you dilute it first as you don’t want to end up with a food stain and a bright pink detergent stain too.


Powder Can Work Magic On Tough Stains

Talc powder is ideal for getting rid of grease stains. So if you’re going to a dinner party, then it’s worth taking a small bottle of talc in your handbag. Dab the stain with powder and rub it lightly until the stain disappears.


Get Rid Of Stubborn Wine Stains

Red wine is a tough one to get rid of but there are ways to at least fade the stain until you can get home. Blot the stain with a damp cloth, make sure to keep the stain damp throughout the night too. Once it dries there’s more chance of it setting into the material of your dress. Next, ask for some salt and dab it onto the stain, it will absorb some of the wine.


Fight Wine With Wine

One thing most people don’t realize is you can neutralize a red wine stain with white wine. Pour some white wine on to a cloth and dab it onto the stained area. This is a good trick in case you’re in a bar and don’t have any salt or baking soda at hand.

For deep-set and difficult stains from wine, it may be worth taking your dress to a professional cleaning service. It’ll be worth it when your dress looks good as new.


When Life Gives You Lemons…

Lemon juice is a great natural stain remover. The acidity works well to neutralize stains. The best part is it’s something you could quickly get at most bars and restaurants, which means there more chance of salvaging your dress. After blotting the stain, pour or squeeze some lemon juice on to the stain. If you have some salt then dab some on too. The combination should drastically fade the stain.


Shampoo Isn’t Just For Your Hair

If you’re at a dinner party and you’ve stained your dress whilst applying your makeup, all hope is not lost. Grab some shampoo from your host’s bathroom and mix it with water. It will act similarly to a detergent by getting rid of your stain. This method works best with makeup stains like foundation or powders.

Don’t let a little mishap ruin your evening, use one of these tricks to quickly fade or get rid of your stain. It’s happened to the best of us, so instead of stressing about your dress, get rid of the stain and get back to the party.


Tony Kantzavelos is the owner of LoveYourDress., specializing in dress cleaning, alterations, and repairs since 1986. He appreciates a tailor-made dress the most and loves sharing tips for customizing and taking care of almost any kind of dress.

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