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How to Match Ties and Shirts (a.k.a Mixing Patterns)

How to Match Ties and Shirts (a.k.a Mixing Patterns)

I often get sucked in to watching sports on the weekend with my partner. He comments on the plays while I comment on the commentators.

“Why do men have such a hard time matching their shirts and ties!?”

“Do you think these guys dress themselves?”

“Is that a custom suit?”

Bry ignores my comments on the clothes and I ignore his yelling at the players. I think it is why we have lasted so long.

I can’t help the guys run faster or hit harder, but I can help the guys watching them look a little more presentable.

The biggest mistake men make is not knowing how to match their shirt and tie. In the past few years mixing patterns has become more acceptable. This has led to some very dramatic combinations that look great on glossy paper, but not so great walking down the street.

In order to make mixing patterns nice and simple, I’m going to give you 3 rules to follow. If you follow them you are guaranteed to come up with winning combos

1. The more similar the patterns, the easier they are to match
2. Match the same pattern in different colours
3. Or match different patterns in the same colour

Let me show you what I mean:

(the ties are all from my favourite online tie store Tie bar)



If you want to find out whether you are matching your patterns correctly, sign up for my virtual Personal Stylist Session to get professional advice on a week’s worth of outfits!


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