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If You Like These North American Stores Then You May Like These Spanish Stores

If You Like These North American Stores Then You May Like These Spanish Stores

Ok fashion fiends; it’s time to continue expanding our minds in fashion brands. I’m diving right into another liking this and loving that session, and it’s all things Spanish this time.


I love this series because it gives us the ability to develop our shopping habits. It’s so easy to get into the routine of shopping at the same stores we like, simply because it’s easy. By just knowing of a few more brands we like, our style (and our wardrobe) can exponentially grow. And in my mind a growing style also means we’re growing in confidence and pushing our boundaries in both wardrobe AND life.


(Also a couple more online shopping tools can’t hurt too.)


Here we go:


If you like Zara—then try Uterque or Bershka

Zara is a great brand for those with a dramatic or alluring style. If you love Zara for its trend setting, often classic and street style looks, then Uterque and Bershka are some Spanish brands you should absolutely check out (They are actually all companies owned under the same fashion retailer). Uterque features quality products with a unique, modern aesthetic. Bershka also takes pleasure in unique tailoring, but with a bigger connection to youth aesthetic, pairing basic garments with fashionable pieces.




If you like Top Shop—then try Pull and Bear

Top Shop is high street retail brand that thrives off of emerging trends and fashion staples. Pull and bear and Top Shop have that in common; combining street style and trends to dress young people. Pull and Bear is a great brand for ongoing trend inspiration that also embodies comfort.

Top Shop

Pull and Bear

If you like Free People—then try Stradivarius

Let’s continue on with those artistic styling brands! Free People takes on a more contemporary, bohemian approach to young, trendy clothing. It’s Spanish counterpart, Stradivarius is similarly a softer contemporary brand that incorporates traits of feminine and modern street style.

Free People


If you like Sporting Life—then try Oysho

There’s no doubt that everyone needs that comfort wear in their closet—whether it’s working out, completing errands or chasing the kids around the house, athletic wear can be a staple in our closet. Similar to Sporting Life, Oysho carries both lifestyle and athletic wear. Fashion, comfort and quality are all phrases that this brand loves to sing. And it’s timeless yet modern aesthetic isn’t hard on the eyes either. Check out these leggings/sports bra combos:

Sporting Life



And there you have it!


I want to leave off with one last thing: With all this contemporary, “young, trendy” talk, I want to make it clear that just because a brand speaks about young, trending fashion does not exclude you fashion savvy experienced women (and men)! Everyone’s style is unique to themselves, and that means there are no age limitations.


Comprar lejos, amigos!


And catch me on Instagram @yourshopgirl to give me some of your Spanish brand suggestions.

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