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It’s Not You It’s Your Clothes

If you put on an outfit two sizes too big or too small – would you say your body is too big or too small? Or would you say the clothes were?


If you put on an outfit that is totally outside of your comfort zone, is it your fault that the clothes don’t suit you? Or is it the clothes?


Psst…It’s not you, it’s your clothes. 


For some reason, when the clothes are in your closet you take the blame. “I am too big to wear those pants”. Nope, the pants are just too small. An easy fix? Buy a pair of pants that work for you. 


You put on one dress and it looks horrible. You put on another one and it looks great. Whose fault was it that the first dress didn’t work?


Hey…It’s not you, it’s your clothes.


You try on an outfit that looked great on a plastic mannequin with alien barbie-like proportions and for some strange reason (insert sarcasm) it doesn’t work on you. Whose fault is it?

(p.s. stores put outfits on mannequins to help sell pieces that may not sell on their own)


You tried on an outfit that looked great on your friend, who doesn’t actually share any of your characteristics, and it doesn’t work on you. It is the clothes? Or you?


Say it with me…It’s not you, it’s your clothes.


Stop blaming your body for the mistakes your clothes are making. 


Your clothes should work for you. You should never have to change to make the clothes work. 


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