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Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Wear Undershirts, Too

Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Wear Undershirts, Too

Want to preserve your much-loved wardrobe? (If you don’t feel that your clothes are precious and worth preserving, take a look at one of my packages. I can help you love your style and your clothes!) Many men already wear undershirts, especially under sweaters and button-ups, but women often skip the extra layer, not wanting to add bulk. It’s possible to protect your clothes from sweat, and your modesty while wearing something sheer, without looking like you’re wearing too many layers. You can even smooth your silhouette with the right undershirt! Here are my top picks:

ladies undershirtsNudy Patooty Signature Seamless top
If you avoid certain fabrics because you worry about being sweaty, this is the product for you. I used these undershirts while filming my e-course this summer. We
had to turn off the AC because of the noise and I was hot. They were a life- and clothes-saver!

Eloise Reversible Seamless Scoop Tank
Is it a v-neck or a scoop neck? It’s both! Genius. Absolutely genius. 

Smithery Style Strappy Bralette
I grew up way back when showing your bra straps was a faux pas. Now stores sell designs specifically created to show your entire bra. While you might not be into exposing your bra to the world, there are some benefits to bras that look great, especially ones that are a bit more full coverage. The cutest and cheapest way to solve the low armpit/spaghetti strap/see through shirt problem is to wear a pretty (but opaque) bralette. Mention “Suzanne” when you check out for 10% off!

Yummie By Heather Thomson Pearl Shaping Tank
If you like the idea of a little extra help in the tummy area without having to deal with full on Spanx, this is definitely the tank for you. It looks like a normal tank top, but helps to smooth the tummy area with just the right amount of stretch.

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