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Tips to Help You Clean Your Closet

The Morning Show on Global

Suzanne Colmer from “Your Shop Girl” joined Carolyn and Liem on The Morning Show and gave tips on how to get your closet organized and clean.

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Find Jeans that Spark Joy


Hate trying on jeans? Suzanne Colmer from Your Shop Girl can help. This morning she shared advice on finding the right pair for you – before that frustrating trip to the change room.

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Style Tips for Mammas

The Parenting Show

Not sure what your style is? Trying to minimize the time spent staring in your closet in the morning? Then this is the podcast to listen to

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How to Pack for a Business Trip

Entrepreneur Magazine

There is a certain art to packing that very few people seem to have mastered. Instead, I find that people simply shove every piece they own into a suitcase and hope that they will be able to plan outfits once they reach their destination. However, with the increasingly expensive charges for baggage weight overages (not to mention the fact that you don’t want to waste your time away fussing over what to wear), it is worth planning ahead.


Finding Your Personal Style

Badass Podcast

Your personal style is important.  It’s a form of self-expression and can really empower a woman.  But many of us feel lost, and don’t know where to start when we look in our closet. Today we chat with Your Shop Girl…

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Stylist Tips

Village Living Magazine

When you are doing your closet clean-out this spring, take EVERYTHING out and try it all on


5 Steps to Finding a Style that Exudes Success

Entrepreneur Magazine

Your image is telling people a story about you whether you want it to or not. The great thing is, you get to write it. You decide whether they remember the story, or even want to read it at all. That may feel like quite a bit of pressure, but if we break it down you can see how much influence it gives you to decide what impression people will walk away from you with.


Where did your shopping trip take you?

CBC Radio

‘Tis the season… when hundreds of thousands of Canadians find themselves at the mall! So on this week’s DNTO we offer a little retail therapy – and look at the moments that shopping is anything but simple. Whether it’s the billionaire who found himself haggling with a street vendor, or the teenagers who had jobs in retail that presented them with challenging situations… what did you really get out of your shopping trip?


DNTO reinvents itself!

CBC Radio

A brand new year calls for a brand new you! Or does it? This week on DNTO we’re asking: what really changed when you attempted reinvention?


How To Dress Well at Any Age

Elevate Magazine

It’s never too late to start getting a clue about fashion. So how about a little back-to-school shopping? Suzanne Colmer of Your Shop Girl in Toronto gives us expert tips on dressing our age, in impeccable style.


Survival Guide

Toronto Star

Post-holiday sales can mean crowds, never-ending lineups and disorganized stores, says Suzanne Colmer, an expert shopper and image consultant with Your Shop Girl (


Avoid Impulse Buying

Toronto Star

We’ve all done it. There, at the back of the shelf, is the very last sweater in your size. Marked down 75 per cent, you grab it. Sure, it’s not the colour you were looking for.


Taming Toronto: Getting Away in Style

Lifestyle Magazine

Shopping is often on the agenda for a girls’ getaway and getting a new appreciation for the art is part of image consultant Suzanne’s group shopping experiences…


Your Shop Girl

She Does the City

Style and Image Consultant Suzanne Colmer’s impeccable sense of style had its humble beginnings in the most unlikely of places – Scarborough. Yearning to break free from the monotony of the mall, Suzanne became a frequenter of the city’s downtown boutiques – constantly searching out the “perfect” pairings to her growing collection. Before long, a true fashionista was born


Closet Detox Before Hitting Up Sales

National Post

It’s January — in retail, it’s the month for deals, steals and increasing the limit on your credit card, stat! Wait, pause a moment. Think you need shiny rubber-look footless tights or a furry vest? Now may seem like the right time to go for it, thanks to extreme price slashing, but there’s folly in the impulse buy, says Suzanne Colmer of


Dressing up the Little Black Dress

Breakfast Television

How to Cleanse your Closet

Rogers TV

Womens Post


Never Pay Full Price for Clothing Again

If you have shopped with me you will know that I hate paying full price for clothes. So, how do I keep up with the sales? Simple. I follow these 5 steps:

Happy Healthy Women


Creative Career Moms

Josephine a Creative Life

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne at workshop she hosted with Smithery Style. We learned how to understand and define our own personal styles, clean out our closets and shop for what we love and need rather than for what seems to work or is just on sale. It’s safe to say that this came at the perfect time for me as I was de-cluttering our home (aka my closets) to stage and sell.


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