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Question and Answer Period

Question and Answer Period

There are so many misconceptions around what I do, so I wanted to clear up a few of the questions that I have received numerous times over the years.

If you have any other ones that I haven’t covered, please feel free to contact me at or on my cell at 647-501-4438.


You are really petite, are you still able to dress all different body types?

Absolutely! I wouldn’t have a company if I could only dress women who were 5 feet tall. Plus, I never dress people just based on their height or size. Everyone is different. Therefore what they want to accentuate and camouflage is different as well. Not to mention their ideal style, lifestyle and likes and dislikes.


I really need a bunch of new clothes, but I can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars, should I still hire you?

Definitely! I work with your budget, not the other way around. You decide on what you are comfortable spending and then we look at what pieces you need. Based on that, we can break down how much to spend on each piece before shopping.


So, you aren’t going to take me along Bloor and make me try on a bunch of expensive clothes I can’t afford?

Nope, not unless you want to! Even then, I LOVE a good deal so I would rather see you wait and buy any pieces that are higher in price when they go on sale. Seriously, I have a whole email just for deals and I receive exclusive pricing at certain stores to pass along to you guys.


I hate all the clothes in my closet, is it still worth doing a closet cleanse?

Yes and this is why; when you take an inventory of the pieces in your closet you are able to have a concise list to shop with. This means that we are able to shop smarter and more effectively, saving you money and time.


Are you going to be like the TV shows and burn and dance on my old clothes you get rid of? (OK, I exaggerated that one myself)

Absolutely not. We have all made mistakes with our clothes and most of us just have our past selves living in our closets. I do not judge. Honestly, I am just there to help you move forward. Everyone has a style, sometimes you just need a little help figuring it out and a little more guidance on how to execute it. There is no shame in that at all.


Have more questions or want something sourced and don’t have the time? Check out my virtual packages!


Your Style Queen,




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