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Top 10 Rules for Online Shopping

Top 10 Rules for Online Shopping


So, you bought a top online? Good for you! Did you check for coupons first? No? What about the duties? Nada? Did you price match? Come on! Okay, no problem. I am here to help.

Here are a few tips for successful online shopping:

1- Do not online shop drunk

Bowling drunk? Yes. Shopping drunk? No.

2- Shop from a list

Cleanse your closet and create a list of pieces you need and pieces you have enough of (black t-shirts anyone?). Impulse buys are way too easy to do online.

3- Only buy brands you have tried on in real life

Or be prepared to spend a little money to learn an important lesson on fit and fabrics.

4- Consult size charts

Don’t assume that because you are a 4 at Banana Republic you are a 4 everywhere. Take a look at the measurements and get your measuring tape out.

5- Look at the shipping and return policies

It may seem obvious, but it is good to know whether the duties are included or if there are free returns. I usually add 25% for duties so I am not shocked when they arrive.

6- Check fabric compositions

Is it dry clean only? In other words, is this a piece you don’t mind continually investing in? Compare the fabrics with pieces you love and wear.

7- Check for coupons

I never hit a checkout without checking out first or at least googling “coupon code for ____”

8- Price match

Do a quick google of the item and see what other sites are selling it for.

9- Start a new email just for stores or sign ups

That way it doesn’t crowd your inbox, but you are able to take advantage of it when you need it

10- Want to sleep on it? Too expensive? Start a wishlist and monitor the item there

Pin the piece, put it on the site’s wishlist or keep track of them on a site like or Drive.

If all else fails then contact me for your Fairy Godmother package. I’ll help you find any of the pieces you are looking for and answer any of your style conundrums.

Your Style Queen,


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