Warning: You Have Outfits Hiding in Your Closet

Warning: You Have Outfits Hiding in Your Closet

How many times have we heard “there is no point in doing a closet cleanse, there is nothing in there” or “I literally hate all my clothes”?! 


Many, many, many, many times. 


The truth is though, that we often are able to shop quite extensively in people’s closets before we shop in the stores. 


That’s right, you have outfits hiding in your closet. 


And we can help you find them.


My partner often opens up the cupboards after I have grocery shopped only to exclaim that there is “nothing to eat”. The truth is, there are a thousand things he could make, he just doesn’t know how to put the ingredients together (that’s another topic entirely). Sometimes I just need to pick up one simple ingredient and it gives us tons more options for meals. 


You may just need to pick up one or two more ingredients in order to create your recipe for style. Luckily, we can tell you what that magic ingredient is and where to buy it. And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your house! We come to you and send you links so you can buy online or in your local boutiques. No crowded malls, no parking wars, no antibacterial gel required. 


Not sure where to start? Which statement below sounds most like you?:


I just want…

  • To understand what colours, shapes and styles I should wear so I can clean out my own closet” (You need the Virtual Shopping 101 for only $179)
  • Someone to tell me what I should be wearing and create a capsule or two using my own clothes with a suggestion of what I should buy” (You need the in home Shopping 101 for just $350)
  • Someone to go through all my clothes and get rid of what isn’t serving me and show me the exact pieces that will” (You need the life changing Closet Cleanse for $495-$695)


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