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What Body Part do You Want to Camouflage? Wrong Answer.

What Body Part do You Want to Camouflage? Wrong Answer.

There are two questions on my initial questionnaire that clients never have a problem answering.

The first is:

“When you are getting dressed what do you want to camouflage”.

The other is:

“And what do you want to accentuate?”

If we were playing Family Feud the number 1 answer for the first question would be “tummy” (followed by arms, thighs, bum, calves, boobs, feet, ankles and collar bones). The top answer for the question of what clients would want to accentuate would be “nothing” (or they would just leave it blank).

We live in a culture where talking about the things we dislike about our body is not only acceptable, it is expected. On the other hand, when my clients want to show off their body they have such a hard time admitting it. We are so used to being told that we need to change everything about ourselves, that when we are actually happy with something we feel like we shouldn’t be.

I hate this.

I hate seeing smart, incredible, beautiful, successful women complain about their bodies. I hate that we can’t see ourselves the way that other people see us.

But what if I told you I could help you change your mindset? What if I said that without a diet or a treadmill or a stupid pill, I could make you stand a little bit taller and feel a little bit sexier?

I saw your ears perk up. 

Okay, try this –

  1. Think of your favourite outfit. What is the colour, fabric and cut? Where did you buy it? Why is it your favourite? How did it make you feel when you wore it? 
  2. Now, think of your other clothes in your closet. How do they compare? Would you describe them in the same way? In other words, is your favourite outfit a classic black wrap dress that hugs your curves and all your other clothes are tunics and tights and unflattering jeans? Do you love them as much as you love your favourite outfit? Do you love them almost as much? 
  3. Next imagine your ideal closet and ideal image. What does your closet look like? What colours are in there? 

Why did I make you do that, you ask?
Because no matter how many body issues a client suffers from there is always at least 1 outfit that will change the way they look at themselves in the mirror. There is 1 outfit that makes that smart little part of your brain say “I look good”. Society may try and persuade us that we are inadequate or imperfect, but there is always an outfit that makes us forget those preposterous standards. I know it is “the one” as soon as they open the change room door. It never ceases to amaze me how transformative clothing can be.

I can dress any body type, any size or style, using any budget, but unless a client really feels phenomenal, it doesn’t matter how good the clothes look.

So, here are the style doctor’s orders –

Find that favourite outfit and hold all your other clothes to that standard. If it doesn’t make you feel amazing, if you wouldn’t want to bump into an old flame or nemesis while wearing it, then it does not deserve to sit in your closet.

Seriously, set the standard and don’t let any pieces slip by.

Now, don’t you feel lighter?

Your Style Queen,


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