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Where’s Your Back to School Outfit?

Where’s Your Back to School Outfit?

How much effort did you put into your kid’s back to school outfit? What about their school wardrobe? Did you think about whether the pieces would wash well? What colours did you buy? How much thought did you put into it?

Maybe your kid is in a uniform. Or as I like to say – a mini little capsule wardrobe with a basic colour that ties everything together and neutral pieces that allow all of those clothes to multitask.

Did you look at their closet or through their drawers before you went shopping? Made note of what they outgrew or anything that was worn out? Maybe you even made a list of things you needed to grab!

But you forgDesign 9ot something.

While you are paying such close attention to your kid’s clothes, you forgot your back to school wardrobe.

It is time that you put as much effort into your own wardrobe as you do to your kids.

So take a look in your closet and ask yourself:

Is this too worn?
Have I outgrown this?
Do I love this? (a kid will have no problem wearing their tutu 8 days in a row because they love it so much)
Does it go with other pieces in my wardrobe?

I don’t care if you want a uniform type capsule wardrobe or a colourful artistic one. The point is to think about which one makes you happy and then start to work towards that.

You deserve to look as cute as your kids.

Remember that.

Now, let’s go and make your back to school list.

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