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Why Cheap Clothes Won’t Make You Happy

Why Cheap Clothes Won’t Make You Happy

I think the number one problem with the way we buy clothing in North America today is the fact that we accept it as something that is totally disposable. Rather than looking at the composition or washing instructions, we look at the price tag. Don’t get me wrong I love a good deal. But I would rather buy expensive clothing at a cheaper price than cheap clothing.

why cheap clothes won't make you happyI constantly hear women in change rooms settling for a piece because it is “cheap” or “it fits”. What if instead of settling for substandard pieces we only took home pieces we absolutely loved? What if we filled our closets with pieces that made us happy to prance out of the change room and in front of that big public shared mirror?

Revolutionary thinking? Nope. Just a smart and sensible way of looking at our wardrobe. If you want to feel good in your clothes you have to own clothes that you feel good in. It is just that simple.

The other day I was speaking to a friend of mine who asked me about finding her favourite pair of jeans on sale. I had found her a great deal on her last pair so she wanted to know if I had any other leads (we have a shared love of the Citizens of Humanity Rocket jeans). When I mentioned I saw them on sale at Marshalls she asked me how much they were. I said I had thought they were around $150 and remarked that although that was a good price the wash wasn’t perfect.

Her response demonstrated our entire Winners-loving society’s outlook on clothing: She said, “Oh yeah, $150 is a lot for them not to be perfect. At $50 it would have made sense to buy them.” To that, I said “Nope, I still wouldn’t have grabbed them. The wash wasn’t perfect”

You see, I have a pair of Rockets in the perfect wash at home. I love them. So why would I buy another pair that I don’t love as much? Whether you’re spending $50 or $150, you’re throwing your money away when you buy something you don’t love.

So today I am challenging you to do two things:

  1. The next time you get dressed think about how each of the pieces you are wearing makes you feel. If it is just okay, turn the hangers around on them or put them in a separate drawer. Take a look at the end of the week or month and see how many of those hangers are turned around.
  2. Head into a store and try on your dream outfit. I don’t care if it is Saks or Winners. I want you to put on something that makes you feel incredible. Then take note of what it is about the outfit. Is it the colour? The texture? The tailoring? We will want to keep those things in mind for our next shopping trip, so jot every detail down. Or better yet take a selfie.

You deserve to have a closet filled with clothes you love. Remember that.

Your Style Queen,


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