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Why Your Friend’s Style Advice Doesn’t Work

Why Your Friend’s Style Advice Doesn’t Work

I always say that even Image Consultants need Image Consultants. Having an outside perspective on your wardrobe is such an important step to really reaching your style goals. Of course you could listen to a super fashionable friend or your Mom, but what they don’t provide you with is the “why” behind your style choices.

Why is your favourite outfit your favourite outfit?

Why doesn’t orange work on you?

Why do you look so fantastic in v-neck tops?

Why do you hate ruffles?


Plus, friend’s tend to think about their own style and what they like on you, not necessarily what you like back. You need to understand exactly what your ideal style is.

The more you understand about why you look fantastic in something, the more you are able to replicate it. The more you replicate it the more you are going to love everything in your closet.


Doesn’t that sound kind of magical? Loving EVERYTHING you wear.

It’s possible.

In fact it is only less than a pair of designer jeans away.  The 7 Day Virtual Stylist is 50% off.


Your Style Queen,




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