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How the Prince Edward County Girl’s Weekend Came into Being

How the Prince Edward County Girl’s Weekend Came into Being

I am days away from hosting my first YSG Takes PEC Weekend at The June in Prince Edward County and I am having hard time sleeping. It is a combination of anxiety and excitement. I tend to jump off high cliffs and then figure out how I’m going to land on the way down. This weekend is no different.

The idea for the weekend came from staring at The June’s Instagram feed with Rena (hi Rena!) from Smithery. I knew that I wanted to stay there as soon as I saw it and I thought maybe it would be a nice place to host a workshop. Rena and Mavis from Smithery helped me focus my ideas a little more and YSG Takes PEC was born. But I feel like to really understand why I can’t sleep we need to rewind about 4 years before my daughter and our Ellie girl.

My business looked pretty similar, but I was a completely different person; a total island. I didn’t have any entrepreneur friends and I really had no clear vision for where my business was going. I am definitely an introvert by nature. My daughter changed all that. Once I had her I knew that the only way to truly give her wings was to show her that I wasn’t afraid to fly too.

When my daughter Kaelyn was a year old we lost her baby bestie, Ellie to S.U.D.C. and I lost the belief that everything happens for a reason. I saw the world in a completely new light and I promised myself that I would spend my life appreciating every day just the way Ellie did in her little life. I think we all have a moment like that; a before and after moment that makes us see the world differently. I’m grateful that I was able to live over 30 years before my little bubble of innocence was broken. If you were to ask me my biggest influence in life, I would not have to hesitate for a second to tell you it is Ellie.

I am not one to share personal details of my life, I think it is why I have a harder time with social media. It doesn’t come easy to me. But, for some reason I thought it was important for you guys to know a little bit of the history that leads up to this weekend and why it is so important. Having my daughter helped me see that it was okay to ask for help and seek out groups of other entrepreneurial women and ask questions and seek answers. Over the last 4 years I have been slowly peeling off my imposter syndrome cloak and replacing it with a superwoman cape.

So, you see, YSG Takes PEC is bigger than a Girl’s weekend. I may not be an event planner, but I know the healing power of a group of strong women. I also know how important it is for us to get away from real life for a few days.

I want the weekend to create real, authentic, warm memories for people. If I can do that, then I will sleep like a baby on Monday.





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