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Finding the Perfect Denim for Your Body Shape

Finding the Perfect Denim for Your Body Shape

It doesn’t matter what body shape you are, finding your perfect pair of denim can always be tricky. There are so many different brands and styles that it’s hard to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t.


Despite what you may think, the problems that arise for you when you try on jeans actually happens to a lot of women. But getting the right fit isn’t as complicated as you think. It ultimately comes down to finding the right styles for your body shape.


We’ve taken the most common problems for women when trying on jeans and provided you with the best solutions. Check it out:


(Psst, before you begin, if you don’t know your body shape yet check out to find out!)


H Shape

Since H shapes have a tendency to be straighter in the hips with a higher hip placement, a common problem when trying on jeans is having too much room at the waist. To avoid your jeans slipping down, try a straighter cut. A few great brands to check out are Rag & Bone or Mavi.


O Shape

When trying on jeans, O shapes commonly have difficulty in finding jeans that have room at the waist and are still tailored at the leg. Try sticking to jeans that are straighter cut at the leg, with more stretch in the waist. The brand Up! Pants is a great option. We also love Wit and Wisdom since they have elastic built into the waist.


V Shape

Similar to the H shape, V shapes are commonly lighter in the hips, so they encounter problems finding jeans that fit properly in the waist. Again, finding a straighter cut will help ensure your jeans don’t slip. Rag & Bone is great, as well as Paige jeans. Also pay attention to how long your rise is, if you have a shorter rise you may actually want a mid or even low rise jean since they will actually sit higher on you.


A Shape

Since A shapes are wider on the bottom, a common problem when trying on jeans is having them gape at the back. For a more reformed fit try out the brand Kut from the Kloth or NYDJ. The key is a slightly higher waist that won’t cut straight across the hip.


X Shape

Since X shapes are smallest in the waist, high waisted jeans are a great option because they help to accentuate the waistline. The brands Citizens, Paige and Levi’s have great high waisted options with a bit of stretch built in.


Let us know what your favourite jean brands are! And don’t forget to message me with your questions too @

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