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Do you have an X in your Closet?

Do you have an X in your Closet?

Most of my clients come to me with the same concerns:

“I want to look more put together but I’m not sure how” or “I have no idea what my style is” or “I am completely overwhelmed by shopping/my closet” or “I have no way to dress my new body”.
Sometimes it is just a matter of giving client’s a new perspective on their clothes or helping them identify their style using visuals, other times I simply need to give the client a few rules to follow to completely change the way they look at their clothes. One of those rules that applies to all of my clients no matter what their body shape, personality style or lifestyle is the “X” rule.

The “X” rule suggests that you look for an “X” in the lines of your clothing.

What does this mean, you ask? Well, it could be as simple as a wrap dress (which is literally a perfect X); or perhaps it is a one button blazer (with the one button signifying the middle of the X); or princess seams on a jacket, which look a little more like two brackets )( than a perfect geometric X. As long as there are diagonals in the piece that is all that matters

What is the point of all of this? Well, the main reason is that diagonals visually break up space and create the illusion of you looking like a big X (or hourglass) no matter what shape you are. Our eyes follow the lines and thus carve out where we want people to look.

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This is my challenge to you – take a look at your closet and see how many diagonals you can find.


Better yet, let me help you find them! Send me a selfie of you in an outfit you have questions about and I will not only send you more tips and tricks like the X rule, but also links to pieces that I would suggest to make the outfit even better! All for FREE

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